Your international challenge made into a local business possibility

By tagging into our geographical network we will through this and the expertise locally at hand mitigate your perception of risk by evolving your business outside of your area of knowledge and tradition. Together we can make your challenge into a manageable opportunity and take your products quicker to market.

Nordoco specializes on the financial, legal and transactional side of the business, making a strong foundation and predictability in the processes along the way, through assessments, reporting and adjustments. Through our partners we can further reach out to and enable the right decisions within Supply Chain management, Project management, Sales and support and setting up a service network.


Through a strategic plan to reach the goals, extensive monitoring of the path and analysis to change course if necessary along the way, predictability and reduction of risk will increase the success of the business.


Define the market place and opportunity for the business or different products within the different geographical focus areas. Mirror the perceived market size with Supply chain and product accessibility within the different market segments.


Explore and mitigate perceived risk in a different business culture from where the customer originated from. Different cultures mean different approaches to life, business, interactions, time and transactions. Through vast international experience and the network we will guide a business or a product through a minefield of pitfalls. Why do the same mistakes that someone has already done before you, and before them? Culture management through mapping of key factors important for your business and product and adapting these factors into your business plan and establishment or launch.


Help and guide with an establishment of a company in a new cultural area of the world. Who do you send and how? Interviews of candidates, mapping and analyzing these candidates so that you get the best candidate for the specific culture you chose to establish. Guide the candidate and hers/his family to make the transition as comfortable as possible. VISAs, living abroad, taxes, moving; all these things have been done before while new challenge for the candidate and family.
Re-expatriation advice; how to utilize an expats expertise during hers/his stay and follow-up during the stay to make the transition back to HQ better and fruitful for all parties.


For shorter or longer time resources from Nordoco could take a position in the business as CEO, CFO, financial manager, project manager to make the transition into the market easier and to be able to follow the product into the market segment. Sometimes the products cycle is faster than your business staffing pool for international suited employees.